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make every treatment


High quality products guaranteed

Peony Blush believe that every customer is unique and making every treatment pleasantly unforgettable is key in our business.

We provide professional full range of treatment for most of your beauty needs.

Trust you will find a treatment that caters to your immediate needs; see you soon!

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Manicure & Pedicure

Hands and feets reveals a woman's style.


Let us revitalize those hands, feets and nails according to the occasion and your style.

At Peony Blush, each customer is unique and delivering great experiences is our forte. 

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AirLash(tm) Extensions

Dazzle Him Now (tm) with Peony Blush Natural and Volume YY AirLash(tm)


Let us brighten up those beautiful eyes with our latest AirLash (tm) which is super light, super natural so that you don't even feel they are there, yet they can last a good 4-6 weeks.

Facial & Massages

Relax while we de-stress and refresh your tiredness from face to feet


Enjoy a relaxing foot massage while we scrub and color those toes and nails like royalties..

Our spa package ensure your feet get the well-deserved treatment after a long workday.

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